Beyond Protocols is a community of Functional Medicine practitioners dedicated to transforming  medicine away from canned protocols and toward unique patient roadmaps. We won't accomplish this with some breakthrough "miracle." Instead, we will accomplish this transformation one client and patient at a time, one practice at a time.


We believe in "Kaizen," the practice of small but continual improvement and that's why we are confident we can help you and your patients and clients. Instead of force feeding you tons of new information all at once from the proverbial firehose at conferences and weekend workshops, we believe it's better to learn in smaller chunks, begin to apply them in the clinic, and then get your questions answered as soon as they arise.


That way you don't get overwhelmed by information overload or stopped because you don't have an answer.


By coupling this style of real-time clinical learning with a supportive community and team of experts, you no longer are flying solo. You won't have to guess when faced with uncertainty, or worse, give up and tell your patient or client you can't help them.

Watch this video for a short tour of Beyond Protocols.

With Beyond Protocols Membership You get...

  • Professionals Only Online Community.

    First: we're not on Facebook. Second. We are not on the Facebook. Let's just say Facebook is not conducive to professional learning and discourse, and leave it at that.

  • Private & Secure.

    Beyond Protocols is our own secure and private online community. We are dedicated health professionals guided by a team of experienced practitioners. We share a commitment to treat every patient as the unique being they are. And yes, we have an app for your mobile phone.

  • Too many of our patients are suffering with MENTAL HEALTH issues. Each week, mental health expert, Brendan Vermiere spends an hour answering your clinical questions. Learn how to incorporate functional mental health solutions into your practice.

  • Genomics Thursday
    w/ Emily Givler.

    Each week Genomic Nutrition expert, Emily Givler, answers your questions about the Beyond Protocols Process and solving your most difficult cases. Clinical pearls are in the details and you won't have to wait weeks to get your answers. 

  • Special Guest Stars.

    Have you ever stood in line at a conference to ask a question only to be cut off because the session ended? We have. It's so frustrating. That's why every month we bring you the most interesting names in functional medicine for an exclusive, member only Q&A session. 

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